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Saturday Veggie Bake

I had a hankering for a vegetarian meal on Saturday, so Asia and I brought to my flat a bunch of fresh fields edibles: potatoes, carrots, and onions. Oven baked potatoes are the best, as we all know: a little olive oil & salt, and wrap the spud in aluminium foil. Carrots? A bit of olive oil, baked in a glass pan, turned twice. They brown like there’s no tomorrow, becoming sweet & nutty and the best of your long orange veggies. Onions bake just as well, with a bit of an olive oil rub.

When the spuds are done, and all else awaits, cut up the carrots and onions, pile over a halved and crumbled spud, and douse with grated cheese.

All one needs is a bottle of white wine.

oh, oh … don’t forget some good chocolate for dessert!

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