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Vysehrad Walk

Prague saw the sun last Sunday … no pun intended.

Asia and Mark at Vysehrad

Asia and I went for a walk because that what you do in a Prague winter that seldom gives you sunlight. Vysehrad is the old castle (as if Prague Castle’s A.D. 900 origins aren’t old enough) that sits atop a cliff at the bend of the Vltava River. Sound wisdom, for those trying days.

The castle walls have great walkways, and spectacular views. This winter day gave us Pragers clear skies. And if you walk quickly, your ears won’t freeze. Of course, some mulled wine helps, too.

Skating on the VltavaAlong the way, we looked over Prague’s (mom & dad, take special note) yacht club. Sub-freezing temps have frozen the ice at this inlet, letting skaters plow the snow for skate tracks around the pond. Ummm … notice the icebergs at the edges. Yikes!

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