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Toast at My Flat

Saturday afternoon I brought Asia to my flat for a “home cooked” lunch. We basically made her now-famous toast, but in the traditional way: baked in the oven (an appliance which she doesn’t have at her flat).

wine corker

It was a sunny day and yellow rays burst through the kitchen sheers, basting the room in hot-house splendor on a day whose outside temps barely reached freezing. Inside, I uncorked a bottle of sauvignon blanc. With a little blue cheese and brie appetizer to get our belly juices talking to each other from across the table, we divied up the cooking duties.

Asia at my prague flat

I got out the knives and handed Asia the mushrooms, which she likes to peel. While I’ve never heard of this culinary prep method, it’s certainly fun to watch. Of course, having sharp knives in my flat (“the most dangerous thing in a kitchen is a dull knife”), Asia proceeded to nearly cut her finger off.

My bad.

mark and asia at prague flat

I lit the stove and poured more wine. And then I grated some swiss cheese, and mixed that with one beaten egg and dried chives, some salt & pepper. This concoction went into hollowed out halves of French bread, to be baked in the oven on low until the center puffs up like a souflet (sort of). Then I sauteed the onion & mushroom, set that into the other hollow out French bread, covered that with sliced brie, and covered that with sliced tomato.


These are called toast. And they’re delicious. Especially with wine. Extra-especially on a sunny day inside with your lady friend.

Dobry apetyt!

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