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Persian Night


Last Sunday Asia took me along to a dinner part, hosted by her student, Parisia. She’s from Iran and, along with her husband, Ahem, they’re hanging out in Prague for awhile. Parisia writes Persian novels, though I’m not sure what kind (we never got into the whole “what do you do” sort of thing, prolly cuz I thought she worked at Free Radio along with her hubby and the other couple that came to the party). Ahem is a photographer who now works as a videographer for Free Radio.

Free Radio has a huge complex/compound just off Zelevskeho metro. To work even as a teacher there, you must go through a criminal background check, and fill out all kinds of forms, etc etc. Asia teaches there twice weekly. Free Radio has lots of sections, one of which is Persian Radio/Television, a news service that is journalistic in its coverage of Iraian and Mid-East news (not as an anti-government movement/organ of Western imperialist powers, as one might assume … or want).

Anyway, Parisia spent many hours during the day preparing a bountiful and scrumptious buffet. For starters we had a beef-vegetable soup that reminded me of ox tail flavors (but more spicy from mid-east spice rack). Then over safron rice we had a green meet and veggie sauce, again nicely spiced and very flavorful. The other main course was baked chicken and deep-fried shrimp. Everything was outstanding.

Through the night we spoke of living abroad (from one’s homeland), Czech weather, traveling to America, and political issues around the world. Oddly enough, while our Iranian hosts and their Iranian counterparts said they would return to Iran if (when) the politcal situation were different, Asia and I both stated that we’re not interested in returning to our respective countries (the democratic countries).

Funny how one’s outlook on life and country can become through one circumstance or another.

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