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Beyond the Rhetoric (my own, included)

President Obama’s SOTU tried to cut through the cynicism found on every streetcorner, bar, and congressional chamber in America. About half the country will see its positive message. About half will become more cynical. The third block will try to exorcise that cynicism from America’s collective conscience. Unfortunately, too few of that third block —the portion that counts— includes enough congressional reps to make a difference where it truly counts: the laws passed to enrich Americans’ lives.

A few highlights:

Belt tightening in Washington will start next year: it had better begin with the Democrats of their own greed, and then they must drag the bitchy Republicans by the shorthairs, always making a point to show what assholes Republicans truly are when it comes to doing something for Americans.

Raising women’s pay to equal that of men’s: congress has been working on this since Nixon; and of late dozen years or so, enough women reps have had the chance to truly make this issue a priority. Meanwhile, women still make less than men working in the same job.

Help Afghanistan’s people overcome Al Quaeda, and meanwhile ensure women’s rights in the “new” Afghan society: good luck with this pie-in-the-sky dream. But it can be done! How? Kill all the warlords; end Afghan muslim religion control. Without these, I believe, the empty land will remain empty of “freedom”.

Get Congress to work together: See “Afghan Problem” solution

Re the Republican response to Obama’s speech by Gov. Bob McDonnel of Virginia:

He’s encouraged to hear of Pres. Obama’s efforts to bring work to American’s in need. Thanks!

He doesn’t want to use government to do anything for those out of work, or without health insurance, or who need legal representation against wrongs committed by corporations. Boo-hiss! Instead, the Gov. McDonnel wants us all (I presume himself included) to trust in businesses small, medium, and large do for us what we (you, of course: I live in another country doing just fine by myself) apparently cannot do for ourselves … and be fucking happy about it! Thanks, Governor!

Same old shit from the Republicans, who don’t want government in our lives, but want to tell us who we can or cannot fuck, marry, help to die, not pray to, or take control of our own bodies. Thanks, Governor!

The Governor wants spending reform: where were you when Bush sold the country to the corporations, the Arabs, the Chinese and scared off all our true friends after he started two wars?

He wants results, not rhetoric, and cooperation, not partisanship. Okay, Governor, then urge your Republican colleagues to vote “yes” for legislation that helps both those fears.

I could go on, but what’s the point? My skepticism will keep score, nonetheless, and I’ll see you at next year’s SOTU.

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