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French Visitors and Flamenco

Asia & Romain & Micael

Asia’s friends flew in from London for the weekend. Romain and Micael knew Asia in Newcastle, England, while on university transfer courses (or something like that). Asia showed me lots of photos from those days, three or four years ago. They all looked so young! (and still are!)

Fosil restaurantThis weekend Romain & Micael wandered around a cold Prague, and then we four met at a nice Mexican restaurant, Fosil, which is now my favorite Mex place in town (especially considering the others are crap). I had tortilla sopa and a steak taco plate. With beer, of course, but the Czech kind. We stuffed ourselves, and then tramped through Prague until our legs and fingers were frozen. Finally, Asia & I scampered home while the guys continued torturing themselves.

Sunday got us outside again, but in brilliant sunshine this time. Warmer temps let us walk around a bit, through the castle, and then stopping off at the Sternberg Palace museum, which has a nice collection of old masters, including Rembrandt, Goya, Titian and other Renaissance boys.

Belly DancerUp on Petrin hill is the Petrin Terrace restaurant, where we stuffed ourselves (again!) on veal shank w/spinach, and bacon dumplings. Yummy! I think I’ve put on a small layer of added suet for the cold months. Nothing to worry about, and easily lost before bathing suit season. (wink).

Sunday night saw the lads leaving on a jet plane while Asia and I went to a flamenco recital cast with students of Prague. A nice dance it was, which included a belly dancer, and a finale staring the teacher doing a solo dance that rattled the floor. The homemade sangria that the bar had made for the crowd was excellent. Lots of fruit chunks that had soaked up the wine & brandy. We sat on the stairway leading to the dance floor, the only space in the club large enough to hold the troupe.

This turned out to be the perfect spot for watching the recital and taking some photos. Asia’s photos turned out much better than my own. I think it’s about time I get a new camera, but that will have to wait until this one blows up or … I rob a bank or something.

With all the coffee and chocolates and stories and “secrets” revealed over the weekend, I’m ready for more this week.

Mark & Asia at Flemenco

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