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Cinema Night

Last night we went to one of the Palace Cinemas to see “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep & Alec Baldwin. This was a smart romantic comedy that was a barrel of laughs and even had its touching, real moments. In other words, it didn’t get all Hollywood at the end. I highly recommend the film. Good writing, excellent acting. If streep isn’t again nominated for two Oscars (“Julie & Julia” also), I’ll be surprised. Baldwin, too (fat, but oddly handsome in his frame), did some fine work in there.

Also … and I almost forgot … last week at the little Kino during the trailers before THE BIG SLEEP, the Czech PSA ran a spot on “A Popcorn Free Theater”: it showed a big guy holding a 3-foot box of popcorn, the kernels sloshing from the box as he & date moved into their seats. A babushka gendarme called him from his seat, took him into the lobby, and gunned him down with a shotgun. Good satire on keeping the theater clean. As the spot faded to black, the babushka wiped blood spatter from her mouth.

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