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Walking with Asia

Her name is Asia (pronounced Aaa-shia). She is my girl and she is lovely. I’m her guy and I’m … doing okay.

Asia at the Clock

We went walking around Prague on Saturday, a cold day but not so cold, but a good day to buy a new hat. I’ve gone Arctic because of warmth and otherwise previous bad-hair hats. Asia helped me pick this puppy out … with the proper encouragement to buy such a rodent-on-the-head object. This hat is huge, but also WARM!!!!

Mark arctic hat

Asia comes from Poland, and we met 9 months ago at a lunch, but didn’t meet again until early December. We both teach English in a foreign capital. Since it’s been snowing in CR for a few weeks now, Asia and I are planning a ski weekend in the Krokanosa mountains in February.

Any excuse for a weekend together, right?

🙂 🙂

Asia and I had lunch at Clear Head, a veg restaurant just south of Charles Bridge, off the tourist path. Clear Head has a great atmosphere, is very romantic (we got a table in the “starlight” room), and has fantastic food. It’s one of my favorite restaurants and one where Asia showed that she DOES HAVE A BIG APETITE afterall. 😉 Neither of us needed to eat again until the next morning. Yummy!


So we’re living the Old World life here in Prague, and have found a friend. So there.

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