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“The Big Sleep” film fest

Sunday it snowed in Prague. A beautiful, light snow that covered everything with a patina of healthy virginal crystaline whiteness.

The so-and-so 100 film festival is playing throughout Prague, so Asia and I took in a film at a Kino just off Wenceslaus Square. “The Big Sleep” staring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacal brought out around a 100 filmgoers at its 3.30 showtime. Of course, the film ran in English with Czech subtitles, but a think that most of the crowd spoke English, as the classic Bogart reparte was working on them straight from his mouth.

Asia liked the film and she’s now a Bogart fan (maybe) … I’ll need to show her “Casablanca” and “The Maltese Falcon” to get a definitive opinion, I think.

After the film, we both had a sweet tooth, so we stopped at a cukarna for cake and took it home to have with a knew concoction we discovered: hot apple juice with cinnamon & and clove. The word on this drink: needs a shot of brandy.

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