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Chicken Tenders & Sunshine

lost luggage

Last of the Christmas shopping done today. But with a wildly unpredictable outcome for the 1st half of the present: my luggage has been lost by CSA and/or Delta airlines. I’m into day 3 of the missing bag, and while I have enough clothes to make it through WHATEVER, the gifts I’ve brought from Prague for the family are MIA.

I passed the PUBLIX food store and suddenly I remembered another thing that I missed about the USA: deli counter chicken tenders, those delicious breaded-and-fried white meat planks of pure taste explosion. Had to stop for a dozen for the whole family. Side dish? :: 3-alarm olive mix.

Besides the inevitable incredible indelible inedible ineluctable incomprehensible inimitable indecisions life lobs our way (like a Sunday afternoon’s badminton shot), I’m off to look for a painter’s cap.

Looks like I’ll help my brother roll on some “ceiling white” in his kitchen later today.

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