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Beer and an Apple

Czech Beer & AppleProf. Kriz gave me a Christmas gift … actually a few of them. He was very appreciative of our lessons, because on his recent visit to the USA, in New York City, he told me that he was able to understand everyone he came into contact with, including taxi drivers, merchants, museum people, restaurant staff, etc. Besides English, he’s fluent in German, and has a great command of Russian.

The bottle of beer is a big ‘ole jug of Svijany “kvasnicak” brewed since 1564. I’ve had this beer before, but not from such a decorative bottle. The brew has a nice kick at 6% alcohol, so I guess I’ll pass up driving the tram the next time an operator asks me if I want to take over. The Prof. urged me to take it to America if I could somehow pack it, but this isn’t going to happen. No. 1: it’s too heavy to pack and Air France would probably break it. No. 2: taking it on board won’t work, cuz of the liquid violations.

I guess I’ll have to drink it here. Sorry Americka!

The apple in the picture is a shooting star apple. A Czech apple orchard near Liberec in north Bohemia, the professor’s hometown, creates just a few hundred of these special apples each year for the Christmas season. Prof. Kriz implores them to sell him a couple dozen as gifts to VIP clients and … ehem … his favorite English teacher. The orchard creates these apples using a not-so-sinister process: A sticker is attached to a not-quite-ripe apple and this blocks the pigment from rising through. Thus the emblem.

The fruit is quite firm, too, so I’m going to eat that up in … about the next ten minutes. Yumm-yumm slurp-slurp!!

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