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To Arthroscope or Not to … you know

I went to the orthopedist on Thursday and, after a three minute examination where the doctor bent my leg at the knee and twisted and pulled, she was satisfied that there was no ligament damage. Confirming what the doctor last week had deterimined, the ortho suggested that if I’m still experiencing pain after a few weeks, I can have arthroscopic surgery to do … whatever it is they do for/to a meniscus lesion.

While the pain has subsided almost to not being there, since the injury 4 mos ago, I’m thinking to pass up such a great chance for a knee operation and deal with the injury as I do most things: ignore it and work through the pain until it goes away. And since I’m walking, hiking, climbing stairs, and working out pretty normally on it, what the hell do I want someone cutting, scraping, sanding, or chiseling between my knee for?

I don’t.

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