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My Leg X-Ray

Drum roll?

No major damage. Ligaments are okay. Seems I probably have a lesion on the meniscus. Next week I return to see an orthopedist.

Hospital na Momolce is pretty easy to get to, and the organization is good. They have a foreign resident receptionist, and most doctors speak English enough for me to understand what they need to explain. So the whole deal took 2 hrs, that includes the x-ray and two meetings with the “surgeon”.

The doctor worked my knee like he was deboning a turkey leg. Of course, I don’t have all that much pain in it anymore, but I wanted to show a sort of “pain face” that would get me into the x-ray room (he was going to basically send me away with an ortho appt to take place in 3 mos). I haven’t put this knee through so much since I hurt the thing July 17 (4 months!). So I’m happy that I didn’t feel any brutal snaps as he wrung it like a wet towel.

Anyway, the ortho will look at it and make a suggestion, I’m sure. I doubt if that includes surgery. I’m not sure I’d agree to surgery even if he suggests it, which I’m thinking he won’t given Czech aversion to operate when unnecessary.

Price: @1500 Kc … equivalent to $75 … all of which I’ll get back from my Czech insurance. American (asshole) legislators take note: this is how health insurance should work.

So, the prognosis: I’ll be skiing and tennissing again, someday. The knee feels good, just some pain where I imagine the meniscus is, and only when I come down HARD on it.

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