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Obama the One-Termer

So I hear (vaguely) that the Republican Party in America won two gubernatorial seats. How quickly the star fades within a bored (and boring) apathetic electorate. But Obama and the Congress-ruling Democrats can blame only themselves: to get something done against the nasty bastard Republicans, you need to ram it up their asses and down their throats at the same time, NOT sit around talking like your at a high school circle jerk.

In my vague hearing there is the white-hot flash of recognition, preciousness, sagacity: this little victory will amphetamize the hate of the conservative pundits and media for all things Obama/Liberal like a serial rapist with a new itch in his pants.

I feel sorry for the American experiment. It could have been better. I’m consoled by Benjamin Franklin’s words, after witnessing the Constitutional Convention: “Well, you’re going to get a Republic, if you can keep it. But every constitution of this sort has failed since the beginning of time due to the corruption of the people.”

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