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October Slipping By

And so, too, time. This month has had me holed up with teaching, writing, thought, and people. So much to deal with, but not worth blogging about. But as I say this, I wonder just what the purpose of this “blog” is for me … so let me speak to that:

This isn’t a blog for all of you (the few who read me, and I’m glad you do, actually) but a journal for me of my time in Prague. I plan to keep this (I back up regularly), and I do reread old posts to see where my mind has been, where thoughts were taking me, and what changes I see from this present. Okay, no shit, some of you might say, but far too few people record their thoughts, and without that, reflection is not as meaningful as when we read recorded thoughts of a particular event, time, place, in the moment.

So there.

And in three months from now or a year, I’ll read this and know exactly what I meant when I wrote “…so much to deal with…” but cannot (don’t want) to throw it all out to THE PUBLIC READER (or, as Frank Zappa famously coined such possible figures: THE CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER).

Shazbat. Nano nano.

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