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Hluboka nad Vltavou

Hluboka nad Vltavou

The castle at Hluboka nad Vlavou sits on a hill overlooking the countryside and the Vltava River far below. An earlier version of today’s castle was built in the 13th C by the first Czech royal family, the Premysls. Czech noblemen held it for the Bohemian kingdom for a few centuries, then it passed to noblemen of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Jump to today: What you see is a smaller version of Windsor Castle, so loved by the Schwarzenberg’s Princess Eleonora, who saw Windsor. These people had some major money, as kingdom vassels and holders of wide tracks of S. Bohemian lands (part of the Eggenberg family estate, of Cesky Krumlov, where today Eggenberg beer is still brewed … and it’s good!).

castle honor guardThe Hluboka interiors are wood paneling, carved by Italian artisans, leather wallpapers, tapestries, and guilt material on the ceilings. Chandeliers abound; Venetian glass & Bohemian crystal; original artworks and period furniture; lots of windows for natural light, too!

I walked through this castle in a English-speaking tour of 6-people (two of whom were a pair of hot Russian lasses who spoke pretty good English). Too bad the guide could barely get through a sentence without some grammatical or word-choice error. Anyway, the beauty of the castle interior is quite inspiring. It’s almost amazing that such castles made it through the hands of Nazis, Commie Russians, and the newly freed (as of 20yrs ago) Czech people without succumbing to rampant looting, like the Iraqis chose to do to their country’s national treasures. On the other hand, European’s (even those bending toward athiestic) aren’t Iraqis.

Hluboka is one castle I wouldn’t mind living in: lots of space, great views over the distant Czech lands, and quite gardens for musing, contemplation, and naked games with the servants. As always, more pics on flickr.

glass arcade

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