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My Lucking Feg!

So it’s been 3 weeks since I came up lame (or was it down?) while working out in Croatia. The knee didn’t pop, but a lig or two spasmed with nasty pain. I’ve been feeling bites on the inside of my leg ever since.

Leg-in-braceThe other day I went and bought a slip-over knee brace, with lateral stability. This helps, and I’ll use it for a few more weeks. But by mid September if the pain isn’t gone and I’m unable to exercise (or walk) the way I should be able to, then I’m going to a doctor. I haven’t gone yet because, for one thing I’m not a doctor-going person for minor (I’m still betting) injuries; secondly I want to wait until my Czech-based insurance kicks in Sept 1 so everything is paid for.

Of course, if the case is to be that I need some real work, then I’ll be exorcising this post to wipe all trace of possible “pre-existing condition” judgments. Yeah, that bullshit has become popular in Europe, too.

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  mlbeyer wrote @ August 10th, 2009 at 4:27 am

I have something that might keep you occupied if you end up having to stay off your knee for a little bit: I’m working at Books A Million part-time now, so I can get any book I (or, in this case, you) want for 20-30% off. Are there any books you want me to buy for you?

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