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At the Gentleman’s Club

So Prague has plenty of tittie bars, and most are ultra expensive that, for your money, you might as well stay home and watch grannies on YouTube baking cookies.

But a student took a couple of us gentlemen to a club, just near the Charles Bridge, that was a mere 100Kc to get in, with 30Kc drafts, and let me tell you …

Czech StripperThe LOCAL TALENT was YOUNG, FRESH, and NOT weighed down by massive fake boobs. As a matter of fact, they all had those famous Czech long legs, slim waists, drum-skin tight asses, and cute breasts with no sag. What more can a M.A.M. ask for?

The show was not full nude, just topless, which is just as well. I mostly find strip clubs unappealing and anti-erotic. Here we had mostly teens (college students working their way towards and education? Funnier things have occurred.), no beer bellies, and they smiled.

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  mlbeyer wrote @ August 6th, 2009 at 4:38 am

I’ve got a better ass than that.

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