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Making a Flat a Home

nature pics

Art is the key to life, I think. There should never be boredom in one’s world: if you feel bored, you’re not using your imagination. But when you are on the verge of such harmful feeling, the antidote is music, literature, poetry, art; or simply looking out your window and finding color and texture and play of light, and taking a walk around the block to see what you can see within the shapes on the street, in the sky, or reflected off a window.

mini photosAt the Slezska flat, my room has architectural features that are perfect for variations on art display. The walls on two sides indent (sorry I don’t know the correct term: Google search is not helping this a.m.), which leave an overhang; on the window side this gives a sense of a “pillar” with two sides for use (not just an indented corner).

What I’ve done is load in with photographs of my own creation, taken over the course of 3.5 years of travel, living abroad, idealistic movement-thought-design-life. Basically the idea of quitting your day job to experience what the world has in its many streets, alleyways, parks, and just maybe looking through a Baroque window. While lots of these pics can be found at my flickr page, some are coming to the surface for the first time, out of the confines of my computer.

signs photos

Signs & signposts direct me toward the never-bored possibilities of travel (both mental and physical). Statues the creative urge of humans. People-in-places the everyday of the everyday. I work in color, B & W, sepia; architecture, nature, weather; friendship, society, aloneness. Without the everything, there leaves only one thing.

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