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Guitar Hero in Prague

That funny (and fun) video game that swept the USA a couple years ago is just getting a hold on Czech youth. I was at Nove Smichov mall the other day (the other week, actually, but I’m trying to make these incidents timely, since internet is nearing connection at home … but not quite there yet) and a Guitar Hero III / Sony Playstation 3 display had been set up near the escalators, and two lovely Czech girls were demonstrating the game.

While the girls were floundering through “easy” mode songs, I asked to try. There were few other takers for the game in such an obvious public space. Czech’s are not want display ostentatious actions (though public face-sucking by teens is the norm). But being American, and liking GH, and once having been really good at this kids video game thus presumed by adult “air guitarist” rockers of the 70s … Me! … I grabbed the offered guitar, set the level to Hard, and picked a song at random.

This newest GH version has Mettalica songs. While not my favorite band, they can jam, and for a GH video, the songs were perfect. I quickly began to draw a crowd as I worked the wammy bar, flowed through the notes, and generally made a spectacle of myself. People stared down from the escalators; the guys from the DatArt electronics center came out to watch in their blue & yellow team shirts; babushkas toting their granny carts watched me with suspicion, as though I might be an American spy or KGB plant, attempting to infect the these good socialist Czech youth with decadent western anti-values (of course forgetting that the revolution pushed all that aside 20 years ago, replacing communism with cell phones, Marks & Spencer, Italian espresso machines, and Wonder Bras … not to mention freedom of choice).

So I rocked the house, got cheers from the Sunday afternoon crowd, and a t-shirt & button for my “YOU ROCK!” jam session on the plastic guitar with Christmas-colored buttons. The shirt is standard giveaway fare, with GH logo, and Metallica logo. There is a smart saying on the back (and if I had proper internet, I’d upload a picture):

“They’re the Gods of Metal, and You’re Just a Mere Mortal.
Good Luck with That.”

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  andy wrote @ June 17th, 2009 at 11:03 am

Awesome mate! You are part of the furniture now 🙂

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