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Moved to Prague (Vinohrady)

Mark’s room in VinohradyLast Saturday the 16th I moved from Suchdol — packed Bert’s car with my stuff and got a drive — to my new flat in Vinohrady. It’s bright, clean, and close to everything. For example, my Wednesday afternoon class at Zelivskeho used to take me 45 min to get from Suchdol. Today I made it there in 12 mins (its pretty much up the street and around the corner about 1.5 k).

Mark’s book case & deskI’m liking the quiet courtyard outside my window. It’s pretty-roofed buildings scream Europe and Old. The sun floods the room in the afternoon. Morning’s are quiet and my bed is firm and cozy.

I need to get some art on the walls. I’m thinking map posters, from a map store that has lots of old-world maps, ones I’ve seen in offices that are quite smart and interesting. A couple of scatter rugs will mask the old gray carpet, too, so I’ll take a trip to IKEA over the weekend.

Ann is a great flatmate and becoming a fast friend. She’s lived in Prague for 15 months now, and plans to hang around awhile, like set roots. We’ve got differing schedules and see each other just in the morning and evening, but those are two good times to talk about the day and city life and students and Prague and what-all else.

I’m looking forward to getting web set up in the apartment so I don’t have to take my laptop to school just to write some posts (with pics) and get some other work done, too.

Life is REAL good.

the courtyard

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