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Botanic Garden

prague poppiesPrague has a big botanic garden in Troja, pretty much right next to the zoo. As it’s springtime, the flowers are in full bloom, with some just coming into their prime. Poppies are vibrant and plentiful, with dozens of pods ready to burst. I think I was actually a week early for some of these plants.

The botanic’s Japanese garden is superb, with lots of bonzai trees of all varieties. I found a quiet spot in a small grove surrounded by streams and bamboo and wandering duck couples. There I ate a sack lunch and wrote mini scenes for my next novel while the world walked by, eating ice cream and yelling at their children.

japanese bonsai

Later I went for a coffee at a small cafĂ© overlooking the slopes of wine plants. This small vineyard has about fifty varieties of grapes. I think the land is used just for that, to show the many varietals found throughout Bohemia and Moravia. Now of course the grapes are the size of bird seed. Now that’s really young vintage.

young grape vines

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