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9 Big Beers (maybe 10?)

Last night (actually, this began at around noon) I went on a pub crawl with Cal, that started in the sunshine at a Czech beer garden. The bar/garden was outside a sports center, inside which was holding a gymnastics show with young athletes. They were performing rhythmic gymnastics, and they needed lots more practice. Not like you see at the Olympics, that for sure.

A few 1/2-pints of Pilsner Urquell fueled us up for the next stop … a bar across the street, in another park. We sat indoors this stop, because the place was old and very Czech. Pizza was are intent, and when we ordered the waitress made a big production (twice), arms windmilling and loud explanation. Then she walked off. We figured we either weren’t going to get a pizza, or maybe there was going to be a wait. Sure enough, 45 minutes later our pizza arrived. No problem, because by then we were onto our second Zlatopreman, a dark beer that tastes great and works every time. The pizza was worth the wait: thin crust, crispy, with fresh thin-sliced sausage and banana peppers.

When we left the skies were clear and the air warm. We walked the kilometer or so to a famous restaurant/micro brewery, were more dark beer was ordered. More talk … Cal has lived in Vancouver and Japan, where he’d acquired some good stories. I always have good stories, too.

There are lots of Prague restaurants whose theme is beer. Or put this way, breweries have their own restaurants and pivovarsky: Pils, Kozel, Bernard, Staropreman, etc. Kozel is one of my favorite Czech beers. It’s dark beer is a sweet variety that is quite tasty. There’s a modern pub near Andel, so me and Cal walked from Nam Miru, across the river, and onto the pub. We got a great seat by the door and watched all the action of people coming and going, trams stopping just outside, ladies strutting their Friday night wiggle.

Finally it was time to call it a day. About 10.30 I hoped onto an alternate bus (tram reconstruction fucked my route up), which took me in a big circle and dropped me off were I’d started. So I went into the metro and finally made it up the Suchdol hill by around midnight. Naturally, this morning I was hung over.

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