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Lilacs in Bloom

lilacs in a Prague park

Spring & flowers go together like beer and chocolate, as we all know. Prague has about the most concentration of lilacs bushes I’ve ever seen. There are veritable purple groves across the city, especially in the broad squares and numerous little parks.

Purple is one of my favorite colors anyway, so when you combine this natural blue-based flower everywhere for the next few weeks, and add the fruity-slightly-sour aroma the blooms give off, this is as close to heaven as I suppose I’ll ever get near (should such a thing exist, which in all … oh forget it).

tulips in Veldtejnska GardensI walked through one of my favorite parks today, Valdtejnsk√° Zahrada, where the colors are vibrant and the castle & steeple views are things of fairytales. This walled-in park has many benches, a nice pond, bronze statues of mythic gods, and a lone peacock that likes to belt out its mating call every so often.

Once hard to find, Veldtejnska is now popular with tour groups because its back entrance was opened a few years ago, which is just outside the Malostranska metro stantion exit. So close you can smell the “euro-dog” wagon selling some nasty street food to the all-too-fat tourists.

I like this park for its hidden corners where you can find some mid-day solace while skin-soaking vitamin D and even drink a beer if you want. In the center of a big, busy city, you don’t think of finding such a quiet spot.

nudes on exhibitFinally, the atrium of an office building has rotating art exhibitions for new and established artists. The house exhibit are these tribal heads, four feet tall and wearing interesting expressions, painted in complementary colors and distributed around the atrium. Some of even lighted from the inside, like a jack ‘o lantern. The latest artwork displayed (some for sale, too) shows some very excellent nude graphic works. One life-size print, framed, sells for 20,000 Kc, about $1000.

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