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Riegrovy Sady in Prague

Riegrovy Sady (tree grove park) is a big, tree-filled, ascending park that has some of the most beautiful views of Prague’s many spires, red-tiled roofs, and Prazky Hrad. It’s fun living in a city with so many hills. The views from different spots entertain the senses. Add to that the Vltava River meandering through town, and Prague is a happening place. I wonder if the original Bohemians back in like 900 knew what kind of real estate they were taking over at the time.

Bestest of all bestestes is that only Czechs know about this park. It’s far off the tourist-beaten track, so you’ll not find crowds, yelling Spanish & Italian teens, or Asians squatting down like they’re leaving a dump to get the best camera angle.

Not that I don’t like tourist. Some of them are my best friends. But like too much of anything, it spoils the buzz.

Anyway, Riegrovy will be my nearest park of choice after I move from Suchdol into the near-enough-to-central Prague come July 1st. It has come to pass that I must leave the suburbs and jump into the saucepan of PragLife. I’m looking forward to coming home after 2 or 3 a.m., since now I’ll have a night tram to carry my unsteady bone-bag home.

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