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Vysehrad Playground

Vysehrad ramparts

South of central Prague, high on a hillside overlooking the city and the Vltava River, Vysehrad is a park made out of the castle grounds of Prague’s first palace. Built in the 10th century, legend has it that this is the spot on which Slavic tribes first settled in what was to become Praha. You can see large format pics at my flickr page.

View of the Vltava River from Vysehrad

Today you have stunning views from the high ramparts looking onto the Vltava as it bends from the south and curls northward. Now a park, with a couple cafés, restaurants, and the cathedral of St Peter and St Paul (including a cemetery with well-known Czech subterranean residents: Antonin Dvorak, Karel Capek, Alfons Mucha, and Jan Neruda).

St Peter & St Paul Cath

The castle is close to a metro stop, and if you walk down through the lower gate, you can also catch the tram back onto Wenceslaus Square. Vysehrad will be a sunny place to go for a walk between my Wednesday a.m. classes as spring gains traction.

Vysehrad park


 Cathedral street to St Pete & St Paul

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