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Little Guys Above the Sidewalk

Near the city library on Mariánské náměstí, just around the corner, is the international marionette society’s museum and theater. This month they’re staging “Don Giovani”. This puppet org is well known in Europe, where puppeteering is quite big and popular. You’ll find puppet shows in Copenhagen and Berlin, Florence and Prague. The whole idea of modern marionette shows are based on old Italian children’s theatre of the 17th century.

Prague has dozens of marionette shops, where you can buy small (GI JOE-size) puppets of Harry Potter, Einstein, or Good King Wenceslaus; and you can buy traditional puppet types such as a hand-carved devil, or an old witch, or a Don Quixote in full knight’s costume (each the size of a ten-year-old child).

Above the marionette society’s doorway is a metal cast of popular characters found in many plays: the jester, the knight errant, the damsel, the bergermeister. What I see, some days, are jennifer and matt, julie and lester, mike and kayla and meg and ben and dylan and andrea … and mom & dad. And myself. Ha … ha … ha!

Who do you recognize? …..

marionettes in prague_2

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