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Celebration Fatigue

THE VILLAGE WIT is done. I finished Saturday afternoon, and because there was no one to party with on short notice (people here need time to plan!) I went down to the store and got a bottle of champagne and some KFC. While true celebration was in order, this would have to do.

The next day I was hung over. And today I’m fighting a second cold in two weeks. Fucking Czech winter just won’t go away, and people with walking plague are far too numerous. But I’m happy after two hits of Aleeve and a half-gallon of juice.

So now the “hard” part begins with the book: finding an agent and/or publisher. Researching agents whose sensibilities match my writing is easy enough, and I’ve developed a short & to-the-point letter. But the market is slow now, and often it’s the case of people not knowing what they want until they see what they don’t want. This goes for agents, mostly, who, I’ve found, get 200+ letters each week. Imagine deliberating on which 50 pages you want to see of what book. There are just so many hours in the day.

I’m confident in the characters, the story, and the writing. But I’m still tinkering, such as writers are apt to do when another thought, a different metaphor, a striking word, crosses the mind.

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