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The End of the Czech Republic

That was last night’s theme at the National Museum. My high-profile lawyer student invited me to an event celebrating Czechoslovakia’s first republic, 1918-1938. Rare film footage, artifacts from family life (high society, middle class, and working poor), military uniforms and medals, and the three surviving documents for the 1938 Munich Agreement, which ceded the Sudetenland to Hitler’s Nazi-controlled Germany.

Mr Kriz and his partner held this gala for 200 guests, drawn from government, business, the arts, and … me. I felt like Larry Kroger in Animal House, when he pledges at the high-end fraternity. Mr Kriz holds my arm, deftly pointing out some of the notables: there’s Mrs So-and-So, first lady of the Ministery of Culture, and over by the champagne table you’ll notice Mr X, CEO of Skoda automotive, and oh-oh look! Here comes Mr Z, the world-famous artist.

It was nice of Mr Kriz to invite his English Teacher to the event, but that’s his special ability that has helped build his law firm to the most renown in the country: bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to party, exchange ideas, and maybe make a deal.

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