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Friday Night Dinner

Every couple of weeks, several of we teachers get together for a Friday meal after the weeks’ classes have been exhausted. The usual suspects include about seven Americans, three Brits, two Canadians, and a couple “token” Czechs. We talk, commiserate, laugh, carrouse, and speak happy things about living abroad.

Tonight we dined at Karavanseraj, a Lebanese restaurant along the Vltava River just south of the National Theater (all lit up, views of the castle across the river in Hradcanska, blah, blah, blah). The food is excellent: I had the lamb biryani with a thick raita sause on the side, mango chutney, and three Czech beers. We passed the football of knowledge around a bit and otherwise disquisited on everything from Czech cinema to Rockies v. Alps skiing, Czech women’s fashion and disaffected consumer-society youth, to finding cheap housing and why bother to sit in smokey Jazz clubs.

This all lasts just a couple hours or a little more, and then everyone’s coach seems ready to turn into a pumpkin, so the group splits up in various bunches as they go different ways towards the multidimensional public trans system. I almost stayed out for a double nightcap with Cal (who was head to the Globe Bookstore & Cafe), but thought I’d get home to the new season of Lost, sack out early, and get up early for a good day of writing.

The novel is nearly finished and I just want to keep the momentum going toward the finish line.

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