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The Upright Desk: My Back Hurts Already

Virginia WoolfVirginia Woolf used one. Hemingway wrote standing up. I just saw a video clip showing Philip Roth standing while writing. And the most recent well-known person to work while standing was Don Rumsfeld (who famously edited a memo re torturing prisoners, scribbling marginalia such as, “I stand all day long. How is that torture?”).

hemingway writingSitting all day long typing and not even knowing where the time goes, I often feel my legs falling asleep or, prolly worse, pain spots in certain areas. I’m sure this isn’t good for circulation, or perhaps even my posture, because sometimes I find myself hunched over the table looking at notes. Now I’m going to try standing while writing. Gives me the chance to pace while I think, too.

After today, about 5 hours worth, I can feel the ache in my knees, hips, and lower back. So perhaps I’m just getting older. But I’ll keep with this. At least it burns calories. How do I know this? I’m fucking starving right now, and there’s a wine glass with my name on it calling me from the kitchen.

TheWriterMark at workI know the photo looks like I’m using a bureau, and to raise the writing height to my comfort level, I’ve pulled out a drawer and upended it. Gauche beyond belief, no? Yeah, well, at, I priced the “Virginia Woolf” and it’s $1450. I think I’ll do just as well with this makeshift jobbie until something better comes along.

Of course, I can always sit down when my back begins to give way.

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