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Christmas Party #2

Roman in Christams Che smockLast night at the Polomino bar, St James threw its Christmas party. The school hired out the entire club for about 55 of us, with open bar (as long as you wanted beer & wine) and buffet table. It had been snowing all day, so the night was a good time to celebrate the coming holiday weeks. Roman (picured right) started off the night with a traditional toast of svarak cervene (warm red spiced wine), and very kind words for the school staff, who in fact work tremendously hard to keep we teachers working, informed, and generally happy with our work. 🙂

Then the party began. I met a few people I’ve only chatted with at school, for some interesting conversations about work & travel. Terry, an Irishman who’s taught in various countries for the last 20 years or so, talk about his ability to acquire languages. He speaks five languages, including a strange dialect of Arabic he picked up while living in North Africa for a few months. Anna is a Czech language teacher who teaches emigrants from around the world. She’s also a big reader, and of Czech authors, so we had a spirited conversation about Skvorecky, Klima, and Holub (but no Kafka).

Karen with Big BeerThe buffet was chockablock full of traditional Czech foods: chicken scnitzel, pickled peppers, dark bread, fresh veggie salad, potato pancakes, and chicken wings. Well, the wings aren’t very traditional, but they do have a sort of goulash spice gravy that makes them finger-licking good.

Naturally, I had to leave about 11:15 so I could get the last bus up from Dejvicka, or else my carriage would turn back into a pumpkin. Lucky for me, too, because another hour or so at the party and I’d have more of a hangover than I’ve got now.

Merry Christmas everyone!

St James Xmas Party

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