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Some Real Snow on the ‘ole Castle

Last night’s Pub Night at U Karla IV restaurant saw 12 of us teachers speaking English and eating Czech food – chicken breasts with dumpling; pork skewers with potato pancakes; gnocci with cream sauce – drinking good Krusovice “black” beer and huddled in a cold “non-smoking” room whose heat, we were assured, “worked last winter.”

Nevertheless, the snow fell outside, covering the cobblestone streets. Once outside, just a little more bundled up than some were inside, we found that the snow was perfect packing snow. We gathered snowballs and had a spontaneous fight outside the pub. Arnot (the school’s resident French teacher) lived just a five minute walk from U Karla, so several of us slip-slid over to his apartment (at one point we needed to walk down a wooded trail and beside a fast-moving stream, over a bridge, etc).

Arnot has a 300 sq ft studio apartment for which he pays 7,500 Kc a month (including heat & web), which translates to about $360 at yesterday’s exchange rate. (btw … none of us expats speak often in exchange rate lingo because we’re all paid in krowns, which is exactly how one should think, cuz making the change is often counterproductive). I mentioned to the group that Arnot’s apartment would cost about $1800/mo in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen, and $2500/mo on the Upper West Side. Everyone gasped, but we realized the relativity of such facts.

I needed to leave the party before 11pm because the last bus from Dejvicka up the hill to Suchdol (last night I learned a 4th way to pronounce my neighborhood. Ugh!) is at 12:03. Luckily, the apartment was a few blocks to Palmovka metro, with a change at Mustek for Dejvicka. I was home in an hour, but I stood at the Dejvicka bus stop for 15 min with many others, in the freezing snowy cold. (where some drunken scumbag about 4 feet 5 inches tall wanted to start of a fight with a 15 year old boy, whose two girlfriends stepped in and yelled lots of quality Czech explitives at the drunken dwarf ’till he backed off).

Nov 22nd snow in SuchdolAnd to this morning: lots of snow falling outside the window. I’m going to put on my boots later and take the plunge outside because I need to shop for many household supplies. I think I’ll go to Nové Smichov (at Andel), where the Tesco has my favorite Thai curry pastes and all kinds of goodies (except their wine selection sucks).

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  mlbeyer wrote @ November 24th, 2008 at 2:38 am

Wish I could be there–I miss having snow this early in the year.

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