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Signs of Winter

I walked up from the Hradcanska metro stop into a light rain. Within a minute my #18 tram came along and I got on for my trip up the hill, well past the castle. Halfway up the rain changed to snow, light and wet, but snow nonetheless. My students tell me November snow is not too early, traditionally, but there has been little snow overall in the past five years because of warm winters. Perhaps this winter, then, is going to yield a bumper crop of snowfall.

If the rainfall over the last 6 weeks had fallen as snow, I’d be up to my hips in the stuff. If the temps do drop to winter-temps throughout Dec-Feb, then I’ll be wearing my all-weather mountain hiking boots as I tool around the city going from class to class.

Charles Bridge in WinterAnyway, the snow gives me visions of blanketed castles and Old Town Square and hot-spiced wine vendors and caf├ęs with steamed windows behind the cold. I need to start taking my camera along daily to get some pre-winter scenes of leafless trees, icy streets, cold Czechs at tram stops, and happy Christmas shoppers plying the Christmas Market squares. (and, No, this photo is not from today, much as I’d have liked to see!)

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  mlbeyer wrote @ November 21st, 2008 at 7:07 pm

What sorts of holiday decorations do the Czechs decorate their homes and streets with in the winter, if any? The city would doubtlessly be beautiful enough with just the snow, but I’m curious.

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