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A Simple List …

… and this is funny. At least it’s funny to me; I’m not sure how this’ll translate to y’all readers (I write-speak in West-Texan suddenly — a nod to my teacher and friend, Wade Roberts of Columbia College. So, anyway … [as the French Jazz plays in the background]) … :

ishkabibbleI have a desktop folder on my MAC titled “New Essay Downloads” filled with of course essays I’ve found discovered on the Web that have-&-had-&-even-now interest me. I’ve named each essay according to a simple name-phrase that I think will “pull” me into the article if I just open the file. Here’s the list, in alpha order, as the title & spelling appears on each file:

Alasdair Grey; Archeologist; Architect Piece; bibleBelter; BookReviewsGone; Books Never Read; borges_boswell; CharcterWoods; Chomsky_IntellectualResponsibility; coffee houses; Critical Thinking Terms; GrahamGreene; Henry James in Paris; history men; INtelligence; JamesWood; jmCoetze; LauraWarholic; Mansfield_1; Mansfield_2; MartineauLetters; ModernGoddess; Naipaul; NatlConscience; on being european; On Biography; On Wit; pompei; reader manifesto; reagan diaries; skeptic’s argument; Skeptic’s Questions; Storms Over the Novel; verbal doodles; Web a threat; whips.

An inexhaustive list, naturally, but some intriguing stuff. Ironically, the most recent article save is dated March 11, 2008, and earliest Jan 7, 2007 (which is all kinds of fucked up, even without wine flowing through your veinds). I believe-remember reading maybe perhaps 2-6 of these, but which of them and what they disseminated I have no recollection – although if I have read them, some fact odd tidbit lurks in the grey-matter shadows. Others seem incredibly inviting for the omnivorous mind. So, onward into the breach once more lads, no? I’ve got a 4-day weekend in front of me (the Czech Nat’l holiday commemorating its first formation – 1918 – takes place on Tuesday), so there’s reading to be had. I’m particularly intrigued with the titles “coffee houses” “Books Never Read” “verbal doodles” and “history men”: I’ve no idea what they will offer, but I’ve got an inkling from the titles of all those “mights.”

[BTW:  if you are intrigued enough to want a taste, let me know and I’ll send the file. 🙂 ]

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