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ChiCubs on the Web

For $24.95, I’m hooked into live (and archived) baseball games through the World Series (I know, my European friends: how can you call something a “world series” when the home country is the only country fielding teams? ThisisaparticularlyAMERICANconundrumthatnotunliketheChurchofEnglandissome thingweallmustraiseaneyebrowatandorderanotherpintsocheersmate) and liking it, except of course for the Chicago Cubs, 100 years past the last time they won the baseball championship. And now they are 2-games down against Joe “I’m a fucking Yankee” Torre. So the question remains: Had Lou Pinella dropped dead of a heart attack after last year’s Cubs choked, would Chicago have bought Torre to finally bring the Windy City a NorthSide championship?

A goat billies in the background.

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