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MIA Rollerball

mont blanc pens are the bestWhile the USA is stumbling down the road arm-in-arm with the likes of Haiti, Chad, and Ethiopia in its economic brainlessness, I have a little issue of my own that trumps all global meltowns: my Mont Blanc pen has been sent to Vienna for repair, and it’s not due to return for a month. Some people might think a writing instrument’s sanitarium visit — I mean, come on, doesn’t everyone want to be sent to Vienna for repair? — pales by comparison to the world’s going to hell, but let me point something important to you all. When the banks close, and the computers shut down, and gas runs out, and the ocean’s rise from global warming (thanks Kevin Costner for your visionary “Waterworld”), and people return to fighting wars with swords and spears, my blog will continue with the use of the simple pen and sheets of tanned animal hide.

Of course, each blog post will be sent around the world by rolling up the hide, putting it in a bottle, corking the top, and throwing it into the sea.

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  chris wrote @ October 1st, 2008 at 3:37 pm


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