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What’s on people’s minds? Not America’s “crises”

As America’s financial institutions become nationalized — striking a pose that resembles socialism, at least for BIG BUSINESS (but don’t you all wait for help with your mortgage, car payment, or in-the-shitter retirement fund) — you might like to know that most people in Prague don’t have America on their minds. This is not odd to me, but will sound odd to lots of American’s because they honestly believe the rest of the world watches what they do. Well, perhaps governments watch America’s failing economy, and I’m sure bankers and investors know the score. But the people — both average and above average — could not care less about America’s fate. Their fate is not tied to how America succeeds or fails in policy, freedoms, or economic growth. While I think these people are a bit wrong (but only a bit), I understand their blindness of the big country across the Atlantic. They have families, they work, they play and travel.

Why bother pointing this out?

Because it needs to be written and said that, on the whole, the tug of America’s influence is never as great as what Americans think. America’s radio programs (listened by me through the interweb) speak about the world “watching America for what’s going to happen next.” The truth is far different, actually.


  andy wrote @ September 19th, 2008 at 1:38 pm

Well said that man!

  ClaireMargaret wrote @ September 19th, 2008 at 4:04 pm

Stockmarket chinging daily, down then up and so on — fools gambling with the economy! What a mess!

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