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Adventures in Writing, Reading & Book Culture

Day 22: Czech Beer? Sure, but the really good stuff is found at the bakery!!!

All supermarkets have one aisle (both sides) filled with various beers: Budvar, Velkopopovicky, Staro-something-or-other, Pils; dark, red, lager. These are pint bottles that cost … DRUM ROLL PLEASE … 80 cents. Now that’s a buzz I’m willing to pay for. Now the best part of Czech beer: They all taste really good, soooo good that you can suck down two or three without feeling the bloat.

However …

Prague pastriesLet’s talk pastries. The Italians can make a damned good canoli; the French know their Napoleans; but the Czechs make a strudel, a turnover, a chocolate-cheese pie thing that you must have a coffee with while eating or else you’re missing out on a cultural convention. Yum, Yummy, Yummiest … that’s the adjectival declention that floats through my mind as I peruse the pastry case.

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