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Day 15: A (nearly) Full Week of Classes

So I’ve finally taught several classes, 6 to be exact. Czech students are respectful, but then, we’re talking about business professionals wanting to learn English so they can better perform in their jobs. I teach accountants, construction engineers, IT techs, pharm sales mgrs, cement company officers, and architects. These people are smart, job-dedicated, and fast learners. All are a joy to work with, and frankly, I’m having fun and they are too (at least I think so; I’m trying to make it a fun environment).

I have only 15 hours right now, but St James promises to bring that up to 20-23 in the next couple of weeks. These 8 hours equates to only another 4 classes, which is fine. I gotta do something during the day, right?

Prague has become enamored of … “The Shopping Mall”. There are four or five big ones in different parts of the city, and many more mini-malls (with only 10-15 stores) in between. Today, after my last class ended at 4.30, I walked across the street to what seems like a new mall, called Nové Butovicé Galary. This mall has an anchor store (supermarket), plus bowling alley, four coffee shops/cafés, a couple bars, many clothing and shoe stores, a food court (KFC, and a few different Asian places .. Czech’s like Asian food). Long gone are the days of shitty East-Block clothing and fashion. In are Euro designs, Italian shoes, Levis stores, and the usual assortment of women’s boutiques.

Czechs like their malls because they are places to hang out, stop for a post-work drink (“Miller Time?” Hardly! How about “Velkopopovisky Time!”), grab a fast-food meal (beats the typical Czech sausage you can find on street corners), and of course be seen by those who want to notice.

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