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Day 14: Classes

I taught a full day today, two 1.5-hour classes and a 2-hr class. I’m finding that my students are willing to follow a book, which they haven’t had that option for some time in their language studies. Several classes will be on the same book, which is a good challenge for them but also makes like easier for the teacher.

It’s amazing how adults who see real opportunity for growth will find in that striving the motivation to learn. And learning a foreign language is a tough prospect, really. It takes time, it takes effort, it takes encouragement, and it takes a partner — or people — with whom you can speak the language to help out. I’ve got nice people to teach; respectful of the learning process and the effort they need to put into it for success.

The classes require me to buzz around town quite a bit. After a couple weeks, though, when I understand the shortcuts and travel times, I’ll have made life easier for me. As for teaching the classes: they are fun, challenging, and demonstrably rewarding.

Meanwhile, I write.

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