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Day 11: MIA Student

My first day teaching English as a foreign language had arrived. And my student didn’t show up for her lesson. I was more disappointed than I could be angry, or such (I get paid for late cancellations, thank you). I had looked forward to meeting Sárka (pronounced SHAR-ka), hearing how well she could speak English already, get to know something about AztraZenica, the business she works for, and most of all getting her into the lesson plan (Food and Diet).

A few people I’ve told how this TEFL teaching works have chuckled a bit. Food, Culture, Shopping, Road Signs, Business English … all these things we native speakers take for granted, because of course we’ve been speaking since the age of three. And yes, I too sort of chuckle at the idea of teaching vocabular words such as cucumber, carbohydrates, and cholesterol; or the grammar behind when they’ve tried something, what they like all the time, and what they will try some day. This is more fun than it is a job. The job part comes in by way of traveling to the individual business to teach a class of ONE person.

Just to feel like an old-fashioned teacher, though, I’ll bring a ruler along to the next class with Sárka so I can rap her knuckles.

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  andy wrote @ September 1st, 2008 at 11:52 pm


Next time.

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