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Day 6: Orientation Day at St James

I thought there would be more teachers at St James Language School orientation, but alas there were just five of us. In a field of some 130+ teachers the school employs, I will be 1 of 40-or-so full time teachers. At the orientation sat, along with myself, Teresa, Tom, Paul, and Sacrat. Three Brits and a returned Czech-American (Teresa, from Oregon).

The first thing I noticed is the professionalism of St James’ owners and directors. They all have worked in TEFL for many years, and so understand teaching from the side of the teacher. This includes the administrative paperwork that any teacher knows well can weigh heavy on their already limited time. It seems that St James has streamlined this to benefit teachers, the school, and clients. Now, this is first-day-thinking, but I have a good feeling about this group, as I’ve experience with not-so-“with it” education administrations.

Classes begin Monday. I don’t yet have my schedule. I’ll get that and maps to the companies, by Friday.

Here’s the last pic taken of me before I left Apple Canyon in USA. I call it “Leaving Day”:

Mark leaves Apple Canyon Lake

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