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Adventures in Writing, Reading & Book Culture

Day 3: Easy Transit

Suchdol houseSuchdol is virtually a suburb of Prague. The photo here shows the house in which I live (top floor, overlooking the street, nice sun in the afternoon). Suchdol sits behind Hradcany Castle, about 3 miles up a hill. If I stood on the roof of this house, I would see Prague down in the river valley.

Suchdol is really a community unto its own, and has that feel—blocks of free-standing houses. Up the street from me is a small crossroads with a couple restaurants, couple bars, wine shop, post office, mini-mart, and hotel. That is Suchdol, basically, surrounded by homes, hugging a huge university complex that begins just across the street from me (behind trees and a few apartment buildings).

I take a bus and metro to get to Prague center, about 30 minutes away. The bus stop is just down the block. One comes every ten minutes. It terminates at the metro station, so I only need to be half conscious to get where I’m going. Dejvická (DAY-viska) is the end of the green line, and I take that 6 stops to Namesti Miru, where St James Language School has its building. A 30 minute commute is not bad, I think.

Mark having a beer at Globe bookstoreSo today I went into Prague to walk around. Not much is open on Sunday, but there are lots of tourists around the main attractions, which I avoided. I stopped into the Globe bookshop and coffee house, had a beer and watched a bit of the Olympic closing ceremonies. Boring. The beer was good, though.

Beer is cheap in Prague, but beer is fattening. So I’m sticking with red wine, and there is a good supply of French & Czech wines for decent prices. Jack Daniels goes for $40+ for 750ml. This is a ridiculous price. If I had had room to carry some, I’d have bought duty free at Chicago O’Hare: $40 for two 1-litre bottles. So a call out to all potential visitors: bring me whiskey!

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